Ping Rapture Hybrid vs Ping G10 Hybrid

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Published: 26th January 2011
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The Ping Rapture Hybrid is a little confusing. The head size fom front to back is halfway between what is generally considered a hybrid and a fairway wood, not this this is a bad thing. It does provide for a very forgiving club that does what it says on the tin and flies high and lands soft. The face is forgiving and it is very easy to hit.

The thin, super steel face provides a hot, responsive hitting area and allows Ping engineers to re-distribute weight in the form of tungsten nickel on the sole. The sloped crown—first introduced on the popular G5 Hybrid—also aids in increasing the launch angle and reducing spin. The shape and thickness of the sole plate extends weight to the perimeter for maximum forgiveness.

However it is more for the fairway and tee then bad lies in the semi and rough, which is where we expect utilities to be. Ping Rapture Hybrid’s have a large head and a trailing edge relief design provides control from any turf condition. As it launches higher, the lofts appear stronger than usual for these clubs, so make sure you hit them first to get the right loft and flight for you.

And the G10 Hybrid is an all stainless steel wood which is going back to what made the G lineup popular. The Rapture, a composite/titanium hybrid wood did not live up to the hype in my opinion and was very expensive. The heads are fairly shallow and a little longer to help launch the ball a little higher and sooner than previous models. So whats the difference? I'll tell you.

It features a slightly higher MOI, promotes faster ball speed and a lot less spin than its big brother. This equates to not only longer and higher shots, but more forgiving ones as well. The shafts are a nice touch as well, Ping did a nice job making them a little heavier than in the past to keep a smoother tempo and more feel though the swing, and unlike in the driver, they were able to keep the lengths of these clubs fairly standard!

Discretionary weight from the crown and face is combined into a weight pad running parallel to the ground that positions the center of gravity low and back to increase launch angle and reduce spin. The variable face thickness design is machined and plasma welded for higher ball velocity and consistent response across the hitting area. The Ping G10 design is tapered and the bounce height is increased in the higher lofted hybrids to provide performance from all conditions.

Overall, I would suggest these two hybrids to anyone. Spend some time with your local pro or club maker and find a shaft and loft combination that will work best for you.

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