Why Many People Fall for TaylorMade R11 Driver?

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Published: 26th January 2011
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Today I will talk about a new Taylormade golf clubs. The New TaylorMade R11 driver will be showcased at the 2011 Tokyo Golf Show and as usual you can expect TourSpecGolf to have plenty of HD Video and High Resolution Images as well as a Taylormade R11 Driver Review.

The new acronym on the sole of the club is (AST) and it stands for Adjustable Sole Technology. Combine that with FCT and MWT and you got a lot of adjustments your able to make. It's pretty amazing stuff if you ask me. This seems to be the flavor of the month or month(s) with Taylormade's Ghost putter series and recently Cobra's limited edition white driver.

One issue with FCT is that changing the loft automatically changes face angle (higher loft closes the face angle; lower loft opens the face angle). But what if you want to change the loft without affecting the face angle? Or change the face angle without affecting loft? That's what the new Adjustable Sole Plate is there for.

The advance buzz about the TaylorMade R11 focused mostly on the white crown and black clubface. It's a look that will provide a "wow" factor for some golfers, but one that, according to the company, also serves a purpose.

The white color makes the 440cc clubhead appear slightly larger, TaylorMade says, and provides a greater contrast to the turf to make aiming easier - an advantage more pronounced in lower light conditions, according to the company.

The R11 driver incorporates TaylorMade's Movable Weight Technology (to promote a desired bias or trajectory changes), plus its Flight Control Technology (to change loft and face angle). The R11 driver adds another tech, what TaylorMade calls its Adjustable Sole Plate.

The combination of the three adjustability technologies gives the R11 driver owner up to 48 combinations of loft, face angle and draw/fade bias to play with. And, according to the company, those options can produce up to 100 yards difference in side-to-side trajectory depending on the golfer's chosen settings.

In a word, this club is so excellent that so many golfer prefer to choose it.

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